The Chip Shop Awards 2013 Nominee


Monet Press Ad


Ah, thank you Mr and Mrs Chip. Monet would be so proud.


Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t suck

Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine's Day

Nutrient Water. Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine’s Day.

Portuguese Cardiology Foundation

Portuguese Cardiology Foundation. Take good care of your heart.

Happy Valentine's Day

Heineken. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Have a smooth Valentine's

Wilkinson Sword. Have a smooth Valentine’s.

skin-advert  Women’s Aid

The elderly need your love too

Help Age, India. The elderly need your love too.

Dove soap

Chocolate, the perfect Valentine's gift

Durex. Chocolate, the perfect Valentine’s gift.

The Women’s Aid ad is my fav. Instant and visceral. What’s yours?