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The single biggest mistake SMEs make when creating ads, websites, leaflets, brochures, and mail packs

You’ve set up your own business, you’ve identified your markets and you’re ready to reap the rewards. The next challenge is to tell potential customers about what you do and get them buying or using your service.

To make sure this happens, you might think about producing some sales tools – leaflets, brochures, adverts, a website, a blog, a Facebook page, or maybe even sales letters. After all, they’re all a great way to tell people about your offer and generate sales. So who do you go to for help with your marketing bits and bobs?

Your first thought might be a designer or a printer – someone who knows how to make things look good and produce them professionally. But what about the most important part of your brochure, leaflet or website… the words?

Let me share a little known fact that designers will lynch me for: it’s the words that will sell your business and make potential customers choose you. Not the design.

Hold your horses! Why make the same mistake as other small businesses? You’re smarter than that

Lots of small businesses choose to get their promotional literature professionally designed and printed. But then write the text (or ‘copy’) themselves. It’s understandable – after all, we can all write. But we can’t all use a Mac to make stuff look sexy.

A word of warning though my good friends; skip the professional copywriter and it could cost you more than you think.

Admittedly, you know your business better than anyone else. But you run the risk of being too close to your subject. Which means you might use jargon that’s only understood by you and others in your industry. And if you confuse your potential customer for even a second, you’ll lose the sale.

Worse still, if you’re not 100% sure how to write text that sells, your ad, leaflet, website or brochure will be little more than a fancy collection of words and pictures. Not the powerful sales tool you need to make prospects drool at the thought of doing business with you.

A copywriter can turn monochrome marketing into the most powerful customer magnet this side of a superhero

The bottom line is the most important part of any selling literature is the text. (I can feel the designers breathing down my neck). But I strongly believe, that if you get the messages and how you say them right, customers will flock to you. Get them wrong and they fly into the arms of your competitors.

That’s why you should always call on a professional copywriter (aka copybird) when you’re thinking about setting up a website or Facebook page, or planning a brochure, enewsletter, advertising, door drop or mail shot.


A good copywriter understands what motivates people to take action; what you need to say to make your business leap off the page; and what customers need to hear before they buy a product or service.

Furthermore, they are great strategic thinkers – they have to be, because they’ve been trained to solve complex business problems creatively on a daily basis for huge global brands.

She’s so much more than just a pretty subordinating clause

Invest in a copywriter and he (or she) can help you understand who you should be talking to; what you should be saying; when and where you should be saying it and how it should be said.

Your copywriter also knows how to:

  • Format your ad, brochure or leaflet to maximise sales potential.
  • Bring your offer to life and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Make visual elements (like pictures and layout) work hard to sell hard.
  • Write clear, powerful words that instantly get your message across.
  • Apply text devices to close the sale and get a response.

Obviously, money is an important issue when you’re running your own business, but the rewards of hiring the right copywriter can be staggering. It is well known in the advertising world that copywriters can transform businesses and generate HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS for their clients.

Amongst my favs are: the freelance copywriter who named the iPod; the legendary copywriter who invented Marlborough Country; the copywriter turned author who came up with the famous strapline ‘naughty but nice’…

…the list is endless (and may get a little boring for you).

Ad agency copywriters are everywhere – and I know how to find a really, really good one

The point is, these ‘writer’ folks can be absolutely imperative for your business. And, luckily for you, they are not solely the reserve of ad agencies anymore – look around and you’ll find a freelance copywriter with bucket-loads of experience ready to help you make your marketing work harder than Pippa Middleton’s booty in ‘that’ dress. (Polite cough).

So before you go ahead and produce your promotional material, think… can you really afford to spend money on a website, flyer, advert or brochure that might not pull in a response?

And if your answer is “no”, then why not put the skills of a highly-experienced copywriter to work for you today.

Funnily enough, I know just the person.


Darwin and the power of 140 characters (or less)

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A bird wrote a poem.

Mrs Darwin

‘7 April 1852 . Went to the Zoo. 
I said to Him—
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.’

111 characters.

Lesson: If we, as creatives, can replicate this depth of insight and human understanding in 140 characters (or less) for our clients, they will rule the earth. I guarantee it.